CBC Top Stories : SAD science: Why winter brings us down, but won't for long

Date: 2015-03-05

For many Canadians, winter is the season of our discontent. About two to five per cent of Canadians will have a severe, clinical form of Seasonal Affective Disorder. But what’s to blame for the physiological effects of our chilly moods?

By: Berger, Carin, author

CBC Top Stories : Canadian taste test: Do we like it salty or sweet?

Date: 2015-03-04

CBC News investigates what tastes and flavours are particularly appealing in Canada compared to other countries.

CBC Top Stories : Volcano in southern Chile erupts, thousands evacuated

Date: 2015-03-03

One of South America's most active volcanos erupted early Tuesday in southern Chile, spewing heavy smoke into the air as lava surged down its slopes, prompting authorities to evacuate thousands of people.

By: Wood, Don, 1945-