CBC Top Stories : Russian chopper pilot on world flight found 'alive and well' on floe in Davis Strait

Date: 2015-07-27

A Russian helicopter pilot who went missing during the Iqaluit-to-Greenland portion of a trip around the world was down to his last flare when he was found on a floe in the Davis Strait this morning.

CBC Top Stories : 'Another Earth'? NASA hints about new planet announcement today

Date: 2015-07-23

NASA is causing a buzz after hinting that scientists using the Kepler Space Telescope may have discovered a planet similar to Earth.

By: Impey, Chris, author

CBC Top Stories : How radio-tracking could help stem Canada's stray cat crisis

Date: 2015-07-20

Figuring out how to deal with Canada's apparently burgeoning feral cat population isn't easy, particularly when there's no hard numbers on exactly how many strays there are. That's where radio-tracking may help.

By: Lee, Ingrid, 1948-